Indian railway pnr status


Indian railway pnr status online enquiry


Indian railway pnr status is for the passengers namely to get the confirmation of a ticket whether it  is confirmed or waited list or RAC . In the system of  Railways reservation PNR number which consists of ten digits , which is available on each ticket  . This number is automatically generated by the computerized reservation system which is similar to a number of indexing in the database where the information inside and a group of passengers are stored in the side of the ticket. This note also contains details of important information about the current status of booking for passengers who continously update with all cancellation if the ticket is not eligible  . It tells you if your ticket is confirmed or pending or reserved list .Indian railway pnr status number is very important because it will show all the information on all of your ticket is valid  or not. It is given to those who made ​​the reservation online or physically at the station itself. You can find printed on the upper left corner of your ticket . You can take the print of the ticket booking from the Internet as we can get to know the current status of their rail booking by simply using the PNR number . This special issue is very useful even if you  lost the ticket , if the passenger forgot the ticket,he must remember the Indian railway pnr status number because if the recipient has requested the ticket, if you say the number of PNR and if u had any voter card with you, it will be safe for you to travel and write your PNR number in a document in case if you lose the ticket for security and rememberence . When you view the PNR number for the ticket conductor, you are allowed to sit on the train or you will be charged for a fine.
Indian railway pnr status

Seeing the status of tickets is easy to know that it is confirmed or not, but many people can not understand the significance of the Indian railway pnr status number,  because of lack of knowledge. There are some people who take the ratio between the number of PNR , but fails to understand .In these days the Internet has spread across the world, people use these methods to determine the status of the ticket is so easy to learn , there are few people who can not understand the details of PNR . There are some important information below to help you understand the state of your ticket .If the cancellation message appeared on the screen, it means that your ticket was cancelled. It will appear after you have cancelled the ticket yourself or through an agent on the Internet or in the railway reservation counter . After the cancellation of your ticket if you check the Indian railway pnr status , you will see your ticket is cancelled and you can not travel with the ticket.

onfirmation of tickets- This means that your ticket is confirmed or your seat is confirmed properly. generally , the coach and the number of seats will be allocated to you and if you can not find the seat, then you have to ask  the main railway station master of your seat and coach for your safety. Normally, the number of seats and the number of coach passengers is given after the confirmation of the status of a ticket.

The waiting list is denoted by WLThis means that you do not have confirmation of your seat ticket that you must wait for the RAC seats. Railway reservation indicates that the number of tickets is available , the timing of notes is prepared after all the coaches were completed . So WL 23 means that when you get the ticket you were on the waiting list . The rule of the Indian Railways , you can book a tatkal office 24 hour in advance. In case, if your ticket is confirmed, you will receive a seat number and coach is confirmed .The difference between actaul the general expectation is that by and tatkal ticket you can confirm the simple way in 24 hours, then you will get a seat despite the confirmed ticket RAC .

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