Indian Railway Pnr Status

Indian Railway Pnr Status check

Indian Railway Pnr Status is very important as the passenger will check the actual status he ir she is the abbreviated name of 'Passenger Name Record'. 

This is a record in the database of the Indian Railways on which the details of the journey of a passenger or a group of passengers are stored. 

The Center for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) also keeps information such as the current PNR status of passengers, availability of berths in all classes for the next 60 days and static requests such as Train between stations Important, Booking Rules, Rates, Refunds, etc. a reserved train ticket is reserved for a train in 

Indian Railways, all the details of the passengers are stored in a relational database of the central reservation system. 

These details are associated with a unique ten-digit number. This reference number is called PNR. 

The PNR number is usually printed in the upper left corner of printed tickets. In the case of the electronic ticket, it is mentioned at the top in a separate cell. Passenger's personal information, such as name, age, gender, etc. are stored in the database under this reference number. 

It includes columns to store the reservation status and the current status of the ticket. Since we know that each train has a limited number of seats, it is sometimes impossible to obtain a confirmed reserved ticket.

 The current state of such a waiting list ticket (Weight list) changes in case of availability of reserved places due to a cancellation. This new booking status is usually called PNR status

About Confirmtkt PNR Prediction

Confirmtkt PNR Prediction that is CONFIRMTKT STATUS will help you predict the chances of getting confirmed tickets. 

The forecast is performed using data analysis and machine learning techniques based on various factors such as previous reservation and cancellation trends, station quotas, days of the week, seasonality, holidays, etc.

As a general rule, the PNR status of the waiting list during peak periods, such as Durga puja (Dussehra), Diwali, Chhath, Holi, etc., is very unlikely to be confirmed. 

This is due to the large number of commuters traveling to their hometown. Even during this peak period, flights and bus ticket prices are zooming.

Use Confirm Ticket PNR Status to check the current status of your PNR and the chances of confirming your status.

 If the chances of confirming your PNR status are low on the Confirm Tkt (prediction) status, it is advisable to look for alternatives.

Confirm Tkt also offers another feature that helps you find all the best possible options to reach your destination.

PNR status Confirmation of different waiting list tickets

GNWL (general waiting list) - highest confirmation odds

CKWL (Tatkal waiting list) - GNWL tickets are preferred over Tatkal tickets, 

CKWL confirmation are low compared to GNWL
RLWL (Remote Location Queue) - Fewer Chances of Confirmation

PQWL (group quota waiting list) - Fewer chances of confirmation, split quota between multiple stations
RLGN (general waiting list of remote sites) - Fewer chances of confirmation when the user reserves a ticket under RLWL

RQWL (waiting list of requests) - Fewer chances of confirmation

RSWL (Bus Station Waitlist) - Fewer Chances of Confirmation


Indian railway pnr status

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