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Pnr Status of indian railway online enquiry information

Indian Railway Pnr Status is available online from mobile Tab of 3D desine company

Passengers can find their Flight Pnr Status from online

Each time when the passenger is booking online train tickets, a message or an SMS is sent to their number recorded by IRCTC containing all the travel details including the train number, seat number, travel date, number the coach and the Pnr Status at the time of booking. This message with proof of identity card (as Aadhaar, passport, bankbook, driving license, student ID, etc.) is enough to get on the train to travel. There is no perfect requirement for printed electronic reservation or purchase ticket. If you get a ticket waiting list or partially confirmed ticket while booking status change to the reservation table is prepared will be suggested to you by the railway SMS gateway.

Pnr Status is useful all over the Country India to find the importance of a ticket status from the Mobile Cell Tab

Pnr Status will be available from the TV Operating Mobile Screen also.

It is easy to display the Pnr Status number ticket confirmation on the Railway Machines all over India

The Passenger can check their Indian Railway Pnr Status through Interactive Recording System through IVRS from the Internet

Pnr Status can be displayed in Tabs and also in the News Papers by checking in the main addition

The passengers are requested to read carefully the full details of Pnr Status below

Now a Days, Pnr Status is really helpful for each and every Passenger which can get the information of the Current Status not only from the Main Railway Station But also from the Home and Cyber Cafe Shops.


Indian railway pnr status

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Air Deccan Pnr Status

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JetLite Pnr Status

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New system displays the pnr status in the latest computers

In olden days, there are no computers laptops to check pnr status, but due to the latest development in the IT field it is easy to know the pnr status with in few seconds

Checking pnr status by dialing a number

the passenger can check his or her pnr status number by a dialing a number 139 and get an immediate result through IRCTC

How to check Air India Pnr Status

The easiest way to check pnr status of air india is to open the official site of air india type the first name and last name of the passenger by calling toll free number like USA

Pnr Status through E-mail

The best way is to check the pnr status and it is easy to find through email by sent Message SMS

Railway Pnr Status through IRCTC

A number of PNR railway is a unique 10 code digit number printed on the  top of the upper paths ticket. It indicates the confirmed  ticket or waiting for your bus ticket with the numbers and security state list.

There are several ways to known the Pnr status including checking the PNR status online through IRCTC ,  phone, mobile using Sent Message SMS or using the various services of  travelling sites like most important  Cleartrip or even Rediff.

Generating Pnr Status by Airlines

Airline Passenger Name Record (PNR) is generated by the Indian airlines for each passenger booked trip. This PNR status number is stored in a database reservation and departure airline control of main system. The  information in the PNR status system varies from airline and up to 60 best fields and subfields. PNR allows every passenger to aquire the information relevant to his / her departure and returning or, connecting flights (if applicable), or even other special services needed.

Pnr Status Database

Whenever a passenger books an itinerary, the travel agent creates a PNR in the computerized reservation system used by air or railway company website.At by this stage of the booking, the CRS will generate a number alpha-numeric folder that remains the same regardless of any other changes. This file number is used to identify the PNR in particular database.

On booking a ticket, each airline created their own record book with a unique file number that is transmitted to the CBC and is stored in the database.

Generating Pnr Status by CRS

The information needed to generate PNR

To complete the ticket booking and generate the PNR, the following information is required by the CRS (Computer Reservation System).

Name of the passenger or passengers traveling together in a group.
Details of the travel agent or airline office (It is usually the IATA code 8 digits of travel agency or airline office)
Ticket details
Route at least a portion of travel
Name of the person who provides the information to travel
There are no specific rules or guidelines for the layout and content of a PNR. However, most CRS were similarities in the content and format of data to meet the needs of PNR data mapping effort to AIRIMP messages.

Pnr Status through Airlines

PNR status is widely used term in the travel industry, including railway and airline industry. The NRP was originally introduced by the reservation information in case passengers who need flights from several airlines to complete their journey exchange companies. Messaging standards spaced PNR is defined by IATA and ATA.

Pnr Status from computerized reservation system

A PNR is shorthand for Passenger Name Record (PNR) in the travel industry. It is essentially a record of the route of a passenger or group of passengers (traveling together) in the database of a computerized reservation system (CRS).

Pnr Status from Smartphone application

Through Smartphone application: Using Smartphone applications to check PNR status through your Internet enabled smart phones and tablets which are most commonly used Android app There are several apps available in Android application. You have to just download them from ‘Play store’ app and install them to get easy status update. PNR status and railway reservations explained in detailed below: WL and RAC When all available seats on a train are sold, then the railway department releases RACs for railway reservations. Once all of those tickets are sold, WL tickets are released. On almost every train, tickets are cancelled for various reasons. These cancellations can board you on the train if you bought an RAC or WL ticket. When the reservation chart of a particular train is ready (usually meaning that the train is due to depart in a few hours) and there are still some available tickets in different quotas, those will be given to RAC/WL ticket holders. WL and RAC refunds If your train is ready for departure and its reservation chart is finalized, the cost of your WL ticket will be automatically refunded to your respective bank account used while booking your ticket. There can be significant movement on the waitlist on the very last day, so you may get an RAC status at the last minute. In such a case, you will not get a refund, as an RAC is actually a boarding ticket

Pnr Status from Online PC

Online Through Your PC The easiest way to check your PNR status is to submit a request on our website on official Indian Railways website. Using SMS Option: Using SMS service Check your PNR status by sending an SMS in one of the following formats: Example: You have to send SMS in below format:

Just type ‘pnr number’ from your mobile and send to the following number 139 (Use your exact PNR number from the ticket)).  You must use a space between ‘pnr’ and your 10-digit PNR number.


There are three prominent ways to check your PNR status: 1. Online through your PC 2. Using SMS option 3. Through Smartphone application

Pnr Status in RAC Mode

If the status is in RAC or in confirmed status. If it is in RAC mode then you are supposed to wait until your ticket gets confirmed. Otherwise, you will be allocated berth to share with other person who is in RAC mode.

Check Pnr Status from IRCTC

 This is quite common and to find out whether your ticket is confirmed you need to check your current PNR Status .You can easily browse this online at irctc site. To check the current status of your train ticket on the IRCTC booking system waiting list, just use your reserved ticket and type your 10-digit PNR Number exactly.

Pnr status Confirmation

PNR Status is the status of your booking. It explains you whether your ticket is confirmed, wait listed, reserved, etc.When traveling by train in India, you may find that your train ticket is on a waiting list. which will be displayed on the System

Pnr Status from online Blog

 The PNR status of your IRCTC or Indian Railway ticket can easily be checked on our website. Just enter your PNR number and click the button where indicated. A new window will appear showing your current status. PNR status of Indian Railway ticket