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Indian railway pnr status is for the passengers namely to get the confirmation of a ticket whether it  is confirmed or waited list or RAC . In the system of  Railways reservation PNR number which consists of ten digits , which is available on each ticket  . This number is automatically generated by the computerized reservation system which is similar to a number of indexing in the database where the information inside and a group of passengers are stored in the side of the ticket. This note also contains details of important information about the current status of booking for passengers who continously update with all cancellation if the ticket is not eligible  . It tells you if your ticket is confirmed or pending or reserved list .Indian railway pnr status number is very important because it will show all the information on all of your ticket is valid  or not. It is given to those who made ​​the reservation online or physically at the station itself. You can find printed on the upper left corner of your ticket . You can take the print of the ticket booking from the Internet as we can get to know the current status of their rail booking by simply using the PNR number . This special issue is very useful even if you  lost the ticket , if the passenger forgot the ticket,he must remember the Indian railway pnr number because if the recipient has requested the ticket, if you say the number of PNR and if u had any voter card with you, it will be safe for you to travel and write your PNR number in a document in case if you lose the ticket for security and rememberence . When you view the PNR number for the ticket conductor, you are allowed to sit on the train or you will be charged for a fine.
Indian railway pnr status

 Now  PNR status of the Indian Railways IRCTC booking or can be checked on laptop easily!, Enter the PNR (Passenger Name Record) 10-digit number, and click the button.
  The status of pnr is the best Android application for details on the status of current or recent pnr. added to the nice feature of automatic alert notification when the status of the passenger is changed.
A number PNR gets different status during the period of time between the purchase of a ticket to railway and the train. He said actually the booking status and is commonly known as the status of pnr. The state is represented by a code / symbol that is returned when a person Railway Investigation.

   PNR is one of the best ways to find full details on the train you've booked your ticket. Obviously, before leaving home for boarding the train, the first thought that strikes your mind is to check the status of the train. the status of pnr checking is the most sought after and fastest ways for travelers when it comes to finding information about trains.

PNR number comprises 10 digits you need to complete while looking for the details associated with trains. In the early days, when someone wanted to know the details PNR, he had to go all the way to the station to check these details. However, this is the age of the World Wide Web. Gone are the days when you had to leave the comfort of your home to find that the train you have to travel. You can now check the status of pnr number online from your home or even your phone, for that matter. There are times when the train is canceled or delayed. These are the times that the PNR numbers proves to be of great help. Probably checking PNR status before boarding the train will get you the exact details

When it comes to the verification procedure of the status of pnr, it is easiest thing you can do. Those who think that this is a complex and difficult so do give it a second thought process. All you have to do is just visit the site and enter the number. In no time you will get the complete status of the train. Whether you book a ticket online or by visiting the railway station, you can easily obtain access to PNR number.

Today, people prefer to check PNR status just by browsing Web pages because it allows them the ease to do when they want and where they want. Just connect more details on the site that offers the service of the status of pnr. Update and press Enter to confirm the current status of the station you have on board. Since the online method of checking the status of pnr came into existence, it has dramatically changed the lives of people. This method has gained immense popularity among people from all walks of life. After all, they no longer support the weight of standing in the interminable at station ticket offices railway iron just to get the update on the train queue.

You can get complete details such as the confirmation of the seat, the station of your journey will begin at the station where it ends; you will get all the details through PNR number inquiry. Thank you to the next smartphone that checking condition has become much easier. For the latest information on PNR, any more than you are using a laptop, just a smartphone with an internet connection will allow you full details in no time.

PNR Conditions has never been easier. Now all you need is your PNR status number and one click. You can find your PNR number on the upper left corner of your ticket. No matter what state you have made your reservation Indian Railway you can check your Passenger Name Record Request Status Southern Railway, Northern Railway, Western Railway, Railway East, Central Railway, Konkan railway etc

If you're new train ticket booking process, you might not be aware of the status of pnr . It is an acronym for personal or Passenger Name Record. This unique 10-digit number associated with various details such as the status of your booking, trip details, etc. This is an identification number.

PNR number inquiry will help you to know the reservation status of the passenger, if the ticket was confirmed reservation or placed in the category of RAC (reservation in case of cancellation) or a waiting list. You can also see the number of berth or seat assigned to you or your group booking.

All tickets booked or confirmed if placed in the RAC or waiting list by IRCTC will receive a PNR  unique number. This concept was first introduced to manage and organize many of the unique train passengers

The railway information can be available in some other ways too. With the advent of technology and the widespread use of the computers, it is easy to know the details just the comfort zone of your comfortable chair in your own home. PNR number of railway survey can be done just by sending an SMS from anywhere,  and you will get the details of the status on your mobile. And any component 139, automatic answer would be to give instructions to confirm your reservation. This can give you the full status of your ticket; if confirmed or advanced with a number of bogey and seat

When traveling by train in India, you may find that your train is on a waiting list. This is quite common and whether your ticket is confirmed, you need to check your current status of PNR. You can easily do online. To see the current status of your train ticket booking system on the IRCTC waiting list, simply use the form at the top of this page

When we booked train tickets online (IRCTC website) or by the meter rail booking the reservation can be in the Confirmed state or list of RAC or waiting list based on the vacancy wetting and quotas allocated to the particular resort. At the same time, each book is assigned government railway. One can know the current state of the railways booking, as if the ticket is confirmed or Wailisted, train number, date of travel, class of travel, passengers and no other details, referring to PNR number.

PNR status inquiry is essential before boarding the train. Because, if your reservation is still in the waiting list after chart preparation you will not be allowed to board the train. Your booking status must be either confirmed or placed in the list of RAC (reservation in case of cancellation) .Generally, reservation cards Indian Railways are being prepared about 4 hours before the trip to the station to origin.

After the preparation of maps, some reservations in the waiting list or the list of RAC can be attributed to the confirmed status. Therefore, the PNR number is a very useful tool to see the bunks / Security numbers assigned and the number of coaches with your train PNR number, by which one can easily get on the train without confusion

In the areas of air transport and travel, a passenger name record (PNR) is a record in the database of a Computer Reservation System (CRS) that contains the route of a passenger, or a group passengers traveling together. The concept of NRP was introduced by companies that need to exchange information passenger reservation necessary case flights of several airlines to reach their destination ("spacing"). To this end, IATA and ATA have defined standards for messaging spaced PNR and other data in the "Reserves ATA / IATA Interline Message Procedures - Passenger" (AIRIMP). There is no industry standard for the general format and content of a PNR. In practice, each CRS or hosting system has its own standards, even if the common needs of the industry, including the need to map PNR data easily AIRIMP messages, resulting in many similarities in content data and format between all major systems.

When a passenger books a route, the travel agent or travel website user to create a PNR in the computer reservation system it uses. It is usually a major global distribution systems like Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan and Galileo, but if the booking is made directly with an airline the PNR can also be in the database of the CRS airline. The PNR is called the Master PNR for the passenger and the associated itinerary. The NRP is identified in the database by a particular number.

When parts of the trip are not provided by the owner of Master PNR, then copies PNR information are sent to CRSes airlines provide transportation. These CRSes open copies of the original PNR in their own database to manage part of the route for which they are responsible. Many airlines have their hosted by one of GDSes CRS​​, which allows the sharing of PNR.

Locators PNR records are copied to the CBC reported that owns the Master PNR, so that all records are tied together. This allows the exchange of PNR updates when the trigger status changes in one of CRSes.

Although the NRP were originally introduced for air travel, the airline systems can now also be used for hotel reservations, car rentals, airport transfers, and train travel

From a technical perspective, there are five parts of a PNR required before booking can be completed. They are:

      The passenger's name
      Contact information for the travel agent or the airline office.
      Ticket details or number of tickets or ticket time limit.
      Route at least one segment, which must be the same for all passengers from the list.
      Name of the person providing the information or make a reservation.

Other information, such as timestamps and pseudo-city agency code, go to the reservation automatically. All information entered will be kept in the "history" of the reservation.

Once the reservation has been made ​​at this level, CRS will issue a unique, alpha or alpha-numeric number folder, which will remain the same regardless of other changes (unless a multi-person PNR is divided) . Each airline will create their own record book with a unique file number, which according to the service level agreement between the CBC and the airline (s) in question will be forwarded to the SRC and stored in the reservation.

A considerable amount of additional information is often desired by both airlines and the travel agent to ensure efficient travel. This includes:

      Tariff details and restrictions that may apply to the purchase of tickets.
      The method of payment, as this will usually restrict any refund if the ticket is not used.
      Further contact details, such as phone number and office address, phone numbers additional phone at the passenger and destination.
      Details of age if it is relevant for travel, for example, unaccompanied children or elderly passengers need help.
      Data retention.
      Special code Service Request (SSR) as the specific requirements of meal preferences seats, wheelchairs, and other similar applications.
      "The optional instruction services" or "Other Information Service" (OSI.) - Information sent to a specific airline or all airlines booking, enabling them to better provide service This information can include numbers tickets, details of local contacts (phone section is limited to only a few entries), and other details such as language or the details of a handicap of a passenger.
      Notes suppliers. RVs are the observations made by the airline, usually automatically generated after booking or request is completed. These normally include separate file numbers of the airline, responses to special requests and advice on ticketing deadlines. While normally sent by airlines to an agent, it is also possible for an agent to send an RV for an airline.

More recently, many governments now require airlines to provide information provided to assist investigators in tracing criminals or terrorists.
gender passengers

 Passport information - nationality, number and expiration date
Date and place of birth
Number repair
Some organizations of privacy are concerned about the amount of personal data could contain a PNR. Although the minimum data is small enough to fill a reservation, a PNR typically contain much more sensitive information. This will include the passenger's name, surname, date of birth, home and work telephone number, email address, credit card number, IP address, if you book online, and the names and information personal contact emergency.

Designed to "facilitate the global sharing of PNR data easy" function CRS-GDS companies "as both data warehouses and data aggregators, and data have a relationship similar to that credit bureau data financial traveling. A trip canceled or completed does not delete the record from "copies of the PNR are" purged "of live systems archival storage, and can be stored indefinitely by CRSs, airlines and travel agencies. in addition, CRS-GDS companies maintain websites that allow almost unlimited access to PNR data - often the information is available to any reservation number printed on the ticket

Enter the number of train 5 figures to get information about the current operating status of the train. The live status of the train is a great way to know the current position of the train. Members waiting for train at the railway station can get the current position of the ticket and may feel that the train will arrive at the railway station.

The Indian Railways has to improve the system running status of the train. This system does not always provide the exact position of the train. It provides the information when the train arrives at a station and provides ETA when the train will reach the next station. Delay This information at least half an hour.

Passengers should not rely entirely on this information and come to a conclusion that the train will arrive at that time.

Please note that there is no guarantee that the train operating status is the only information and will be accurate. For running status of specific train, please check the Indian Railways. I hope you like our track 

Once you get the status of pnr number, then you need to know if the ticket is confirmed or not. If the code PNR number is displayed like CNF, your ticket is confirmed. There are different types of status of PNR  you get codes. The list of PNR status codes are shown below:

      CNF / Confirmed: Confirmed (number Coach / Berth will be available after the preparation of the map)
      RAC: booking in case of cancellation
      WL: waiting list number
      GNWL: general waiting list
      RLWL: remote location waiting list
      PQWL: Pooled Quota waiting list
      CAN / MOD: Cancellation or modification passenger
      REGRET / WL: No More Booking Permitted
      R # #RAC: Coach Number Berth
      RELEASEDTicket: Not cancelled but alternative accommodation provided

Aside from online, you can also check the status of pnr by SMS or voice call. Different ways to check the status IRCTC PNR

Computerized reservation system maintaining the registration of passengers traveling on the ticket in  database. Passengers name record is known as PNR with the ten-digit number in the reservation system of Indian rail passengers. These information details are below:
Pnr number., the name of the  passengers, age, sex, number of the passenger, phone number, train seat number, class  travel, the number of seats in the sleeper coach / number and the status of the ticket say confirmed, RAC or passenger waiting list. There are other information of the PNR status.

Anyone who is expecting to travel by train with reserved seats in the Indian Railway can reserve their seat or berth in advance. Currently booking can be made within 90 days. After booking a ticket, e-ticket  (Ticket) show confirmed status. If confirmed ticket booked without status, it displays the status (WL) or Reservation waiting against the cancellation status.
Now if you have a RAC status of tickets, which means you have to share you have to give the  seat to other passenger till your ticket is confirmed, due to  cancellation of some confirmed ticket or RAC tickets. RAC train ticket holder located in the train on two additional chairs. Once a passenger Rac ticket confirms the status of the ticket, passengers tickets are confirmed

Status tickets waiting list of passengers showing (Waiting List) will not get seat on the train. However, the train ticket waiting list can enter any class coach. Those passengers will not have the chance to the cancellation of confirmed tickets or tickets to the RAC. Waiting list tickets the ticket passenger will be updated the status of RAC or Confirmation of ticket status depending on availability of seats after the cancellation of a limited numbers of confirmed and RAC ticket. If there is no way  of waiting for ticket booking, the ticket status will be displayed during the booking process.

Sometimes passengers do not know the two numbers indicating the status of notes as WL20 / W17, WL19 / RAC number 7 indicates the status of First of the ticket at the time of booking or the second number indicates the  actual status of the ticket reserved.In this issue  WL18 / W15, the pnr status at the booking time was waiting list 18 Anyway, in the second issue WL14 / RAC8, tickets are cancelled and the position moves in the waiting list of 15 to 8 RAC current PNR will be seen after when train is running booking a ticket to know the status of pnr number is more important

Seeing the status of tickets is easy to know that it is confirmed or not, but many people can not understand the significance of the Indian railway pnr status number,  because of lack of knowledge. There are some people who take the ratio between the number of PNR , but fails to understand .In these days the Internet has spread across the world, people use these methods to determine the status of the ticket is so easy to learn , there are few people who can not understand the details of PNR . There are some important information below to help you understand the state of your ticket .If the cancellation message appeared on the screen, it means that your ticket was cancelled. It will appear after you have cancelled the ticket yourself or through an agent on the Internet or in the railway reservation counter . After the cancellation of your ticket if you check the Indian railway pnr status , you will see your ticket is cancelled and you can not travel with the ticket.

onfirmation of tickets- This means that your ticket is confirmed or your seat is confirmed properly. generally , the coach and the number of seats will be allocated to you and if you can not find the seat, then you have to ask  the main railway station master of your seat and coach for your safety. Normally, the number of seats and the number of coach passengers is given after the confirmation of the status of a ticket.

The waiting list is denoted by WLThis means that you do not have confirmation of your seat ticket that you must wait for the RAC seats. Railway reservation indicates that the number of tickets is available , the timing of notes is prepared after all the coaches were completed . So WL 23 means that when you get the ticket you were on the waiting list . The rule of the Indian Railways , you can book a tatkal office 24 hour in advance. In case, if your ticket is confirmed, you will receive a seat number and coach is confirmed .The difference between actaul the general expectation is that by and tatkal ticket you can confirm the simple way in 24 hours, then you will get a seat despite the confirmed ticket RAC .

Note:This is not an official website, this site has no relationship with railway central government,it is for the people to find pnr enquiry, the concept of pnr status is to understand ,the visitor can see there pnr status in the official indian railway website.