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Have you ever thought about what would mean PNR? Most of us do not know what really means PNR. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. PNR is a 10 digit number that is issued by the Indian Railways if a passenger books a train ticket. You can find this PNR number in the upper left corner of the train ticket. Using this number, you can check the status of your PNR ticket booking

The information needed to generate PNR

To complete the ticket booking and generate the PNR, the following information is required by the CRS (Computer Reservation System).

Name of the passenger or passengers traveling together in a group.
Details of the travel agent

Ticket details
Route at least a portion of travel
Name of the person who provides the information to travel
There are no specific rules or guidelines for the layout and content of a PNR. However, most CRS were similarities in the content and format of data to meet the needs of PNR data mapping effort to AIRIMP messages.

How PNR is generated?

Whenever a passenger books an itinerary, the travel agent creates a PNR in the computerized reservation system used by air or railway company website.At by this stage of the booking, the CRS will generate a number alpha-numeric folder that remains the same regardless of any other changes. This file number is used to identify the PNR in particular database.

On booking a ticket, each airline created their own record book with a unique file number that is transmitted to the CBC and is stored in the database.

A number of PNR railway is unique ten-digit number printed on the left side of the upper paths tickets . It shows the confirmed or waiting for your train ticket with the numbers.

There are several ways to get the PNR number including status online on the IRCTC site, even by phone, mobile using sms or using the services of many travel sites like Clear trip or rediff.

Indian Railways is owned and operated by the Government of India with the assistance of the Ministry of Railways. The Indian Railway is the largest railway network in the world. Indian Railways has more than 1,307,000 employees, making it the ninth largest commercial employer in the world. Network of Indian Railways brings the social, cultural and economic fabric of the country. The first railway that ran on the Indian subcontinent was from Bombay to Thane, April 16, 1853. Later in 1951 the systems were nationalized as the Indian Railways. Indian Railway operates long distance as well as commuter rail systems on a multi-caliber wide track, meter gauge and narrow gauge network. The operations of the railway cover twenty-nine Indian states and seven union territories. It also provides international services (limited) in Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Indian Railways is a huge network, which obviously makes it very difficult to provide different types of services to each and every one. To simplify this procedure, it provides various services to passengers. Earlier people have to go to the stations to make reservations, check seat availability, PNR status etc. As technologies have been useful to provide the same services in an easier way. Now we have a website called making it much easier for people to make reservations, check seat availability, price survey, PNR status etc.

Here are some characteristics iXiGO  PNR status and what can be done with this application:
      Trigger automatic identification PNR
      Examine the state of your trip
      PNR Alerts
      Train delay alerts
      Alerts for flight delays
      Web of flight check-in alerts
      Paperless boarding for Trains
      Enter paperless Airports
As the Indian mobile industry is booming and everyone tends to connect with mobile, there would always be a need for frequent mobility to go to mobile services. One of these services that can be accessed by the mobile user is PNR number inquiry through your mobile. There are many many ways in which you can check PNR number of your ticket booked and get the current status at any time. Here are five ways you can check the status of your PNR mobile.

PNR information to the General Status Enquiry by phone

This method is the oldest and most used by all India although many do not like it and is a disservice. Although this is the worst service would be continued this success because its free of BSNL and MTNL landlines and mobile lines users are charged for it. To do this, you must call the Indian Railways helpline 139 or 1345 and follow their IVRS to know your PNR status. This number is also used for other purposes, such as demand for train arrival and departure information, etc.,.

PNR SMS to SMS rates steady

I prefer that the services mentioned above because all of the options mentioned above are charged accordingly, it is also responsible but economically. You are charged to your regular SMS rates. These services are brought to customers by Indian Railways in collaboration with Google.

Once you enter a valid PNR number, you'll get a response from Google SMS sent by your current as well as other route details status. And do not forget that normal SMS rates are applied.

PNR request via your mobile Airtel

You can even check the PNR status on your mobile with Airtel Live Home. You are charged Rs 3 per SMS PNR inquiry made ​​by you and you are also charged Rs 0.30 for normal 15kb you are browsing.

For this you need to visit Airtel Live Home> Open Services Airtel for you> then go to Reservations> PNR inquiry and enter the PNR number. You will soon receive a response from Airtel server on your current status as well as other route details

Smart way to access the status of your ticket:
Going on summer vacation? But no sure if the train tickets you booked months in advance is confirmed or not.
You hate to connect to the official website to check the status? You want to tell your family or friends about your travel itinerary? Someone come to the station to pick you up?
This mobile application provides easy access to information PNR. One can check the status of booking tickets anytime, anywhere with the click of a button. You can also set a reminder, a nifty feature that checks the status of its own and informs you regular intervals


When traveling by Indian Railway in India, you will eventually find yourself in the situation to get a train ticket on the waiting list. It's really very common and also whether your ticket is confirmed or not you should look at your current status of PNR. It can be done easily online. For your train ticket current position on the waiting list reservation system IRCTC only


How to check the status of your PNR booking tickets online? With online its becoming very easy to check your IRCTC PNR . Just enter your 10-digit number in the PNR form above and click the button to get PNR status. Once you have submitted your PNR number, you will get your PNR status and make sure your ticket is confirmed or not. See status codes ticket at the bottom of the page for more details.


Aside from online, you can also check the PNR number by SMS or voice call. Different ways to check IRCTC PNR number:

      Dial 139 from your landline or mobile phone and follow the instructions.
      A survey of SMS to get the PNR status "PNR-Number" to 5888 or 57886 or 5676747
      PNR number can be checked online


Once you get the status of  PNR number , then you need to know if the ticket is confirmed or not. If the code PNR status CNF, your ticket is confirmed. There are different types of PNR to get codes. The list of PNR  codes are shown below:

      CNF / Confirmed: Confirmed (number Coach / Berth will be available after the preparation of the map)
      RAC: booking in case of cancellation
      WL: waiting list number
      GNWL: general waiting list
      RLWL: remote location waiting list
      PQWL: Pooled Quota waiting list
      CAN / MOD: Cancellation or modification passenger
      REGRET / WL: No More Booking Permitted
      R # #RAC: Coach Number Berth
      RELEASEDTicket: Not canceled but alternative accommodation provided

In earlier days, if a passenger needs to check his ticket's status, he would rather go to railway station or reservation counters by standing in queue for a long period of time. It was quite inconvenient for a person to travel along knowing such information. Its a complete timewaste and discomfort for everyone.

Later, Railway department implemented a fine change by arranging electronic machines look alike televisions or monitors. In these machines, engineers coded a software to track pnr number, train tickets availability details etc. With the help of keyboard passengers could easily type their digit code number and know their status by themselves.

For an extent, the above machines were quite convenient but time taking. Then Internet played a vital role, where several software engineers, well educated who are having pc, laptops, other gadgets naurally browse with the help of Internet connection.


A passenger does not have a reserved seat. RAC only confirm that the capacity will provide for you. In addition, RAC tickets will be confirmed in the first place against each cancellation. Depending on the number of passengers present waiting RAC tickets will be modernized to confirm ticket. In RAC, railways attribute a single berth for two passengers to sit. RAC passengers are allowed to board the train. Ticket Checker present in the train can also assign free seat passengers who are unable to get on the train.


It means that a passenger will not get confirmed accommodation berth or seats. Free berth on any cancellation will first be allocated to RAC passengers. After passengers RAC berth will be awarded to passengers waiting on the list in terms of the number of waiting. The number of waiting list for each set will vary. When the maximum number of waiting list will be crossed status REGRET come. This status REGRET define no other reservation is allowed on the train


Enter the number of train 5 figures to get information about the current operating status of the train. The live status of the train is a great way to know the current position of the train. Members waiting for passengers at the railway station can get the current position of the station and may feel that the train will arrive at the railway station.

The Indian Railways has to improve the system running status of the train. This system does not always provide the exact position of the train. It provides the information when the train arrives at a station and provides ETA when the train will reach the next station. Delay This information at least half an hour.

Passengers should not rely entirely on this information and come to a conclusion that the train will arrive at that time.

Please note that there is no guarantee that the train running status shown here will be. For running status of specific train, please check the Indian Railways. I hope you like our track of your job train


There are three ways leading to check the status of your PNR 1 online through your PC 2 using option 3 SMS Through Smartphone Application

Online via your PC The best way to check the pnr status is to apply our on the official website of Indian Railways. Using the SMS option: Using the SMS Check your PNR number by sending an SMS in the following formats: Example: You have to send SMS in the format below:

Using option Just type 'pnr 7396962012 "from your mobile and send it to the number 139 below ,Use your exact PNR number of the ticket. You must use a space between" pnr "and your 10 digit PNR number.

With the Smartphone app: use apps to check the PNR number through activating your smartphones and tablets that are most commonly used Android Application There are many applications available in the Android app. You just have to download it from the "Play Store application and install them to get easily update status. PNR number and train reservations expressed in detail below: WL and RAC When every available seat on a train are sold, major railways press CCR for bookings of railway. Once these tickets are sold out, tickets are released WL. On almost all trains, tickets are canceled for various reasons. These cancellations can you board the train if you bought a WL or RAC ticket. When the reservation table of a particular train is ready (usually meaning that the train has to leave in a few hours) and there are still some tickets available for different quotas, they will go to / RAC ticket holders WL. WL and refunds FCAC, If your train is ready for departure and table reservation is finalized, the cost of your ticket WL will be automatically refunded to your respective bank account used when booking your ticket. There may be significant movement on the waiting list on the last day, so you can get the status of RAC at the last minute. In such a case, you will not get a refund, a RAC is actually a boarding pass

Indian railway pnr status

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